The medicals professionals chosen to participant in TriSports Events "Ask The Doctor" are an elite group that are not only doctors, but athletes themselves. They were recommended to participate in "Ask The Doctor" by you, the thousands of athletes we come in contact with each year. They'll take a personal interest in your desire to live an active injury free life style. If you are injured, they can help you fully recover and get back to the sport you love.

Not just any medical professional will be ask to join our list. Those chosen must be an athlete, a doctor of sports medicine, and be highly recommended by 5 or more of our customers to be added to this elite list.

We've ask each member of our elite group to provide a medical and athletic profile . We want you to be comfortable with the medical professional you chose to visit. Hopefully, this will result in less shopping around and get you the medical attention you deserve.

TriSports is pleased to offer this as a service to our thousands of customers that work hard to balance work, family, and athletics in their everyday lives.

Ray Parker, President
TriSports Events
Barton, Jeffery
200 Banning Street (Eden Hill Medical Center)
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 735-9811

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