TriSports Charitable Events recognizes that running, walking, cycling and multi-sport events help raise thousands of dollars for charities and other organizations. We believe that combining physical and mental fitness with a worthy cause makes a better person and a healthier community. We founded this business on these beliefs and we hope you'll share them with us.

The events we manage help to build awareness in our community by promoting your cause while raising needed funds for your organization.

Promotional Services

TRISPORTS EVENTS WEBSITE - We'll promote your event through the use our website which generates millions of hits per year. Participants can view complete details of your event and register online at our user friendly site.

EVENT ENTRY FORMS - We'll design your event form and distribute it to all the local fitness clubs and at events we manage and actively participate in. Your down loadable entry form will be displayed on our website for easy access by all possible participants.

ONLINE REGISTRATION - Your event will be set up for online registration use for participants who wish to pay by credit card. The participant will be charged an additional fee for using this online service. You will receive the full registration fee in a check made out to your organization.

MEDIA COVERAGE - We'll send out press releases to local and state news papers to be printed in the community activities or sports section. We can not guarantee actual coverage.

AWARDS AND T-SHIRTS - Our talented staff will design and create custom awards and t-shirts that will set your event apart from all other events. Our custom awards and t-shirts will promote your event and participants will be proud to display them.

Event Management Services

We'll guide your organization through every aspect of planning for your event. From the initial concept to the wrap-up meeting, we'll be there to help insure that your event is a success.

EVENT COURSE MANAGEMENT - We'll help you layout a run/walk course that will be accurately measured and as safe as possible. We'll help you obtain approval from local municipalities. We'll work with your volunteers, local and state police, and volunteer fire department to insure that your event is safe for all participants.

EVENT DAY MANAGEMENT - We'll make sure your event course is clearly marked and set up on event day. We'll manage all the behind scene activities to insure a fun and successful event. As part of our services, we'll work with your organization to check in participants, present awards and make any announcements you would like. Our staff will accurately record all finish results and display these results on race day and on our website.

Banner Advertisement

Make your business or event standout by promoting your services or worthy cause in a banner ad. Contact us at or call 302-674-3213 for more details.